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Phone Trap

Phonetrap 5 in 1 Faraday Pouch, Signal Blocking, Anti-tracking, Anti-distraction Mobile Phone Case- Multi Wearable


Phone Trap 5 in 1 Multi Wearable Case is built with a special inner lining, when you place your mobile device, keys, passport or credit card in the special lining it blocks all signals.

It is now illegal to use you mobile device whilst driving, stop distractions and notifications whilst driving.
  • Ideal for Drivers, Schools, Travel, Contractors, Groundcrew, NHS, Airports, Holidays, Travel, Security, 
  • Multi Wearable  
  • Keyless Car Fob Protection
  • Passport Protection
  • Mobile Data Protection
  • Stops distractions from notifications, calls - use only when safe to do so.
  • No need for flight mode or switching on and off
  • Saves power.

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