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Pay Per Click

Our Pay-Per Click (PPC) management services put your brand front and centre, cementing your business in the mind of consumers. Backed by industry knowledge and a proven track record of successful campaigns for popular brands, our tailored strategies give you the best possible chance of success – driving targeted traffic to your website with maximum return on investment.

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Putting Your Brand in Front of the People that Matter

A good PPC strategy targets the right people at the right times. We don’t only create ads that feature in the most prominent positions in search results; we deliver these ads to customers actively searching with purchasing intent. This means profitable clicks with minimal spend.

Investing in You

By investing in you, your brand and your products, we can create a fully bespoke campaign that delivers the results you desire. The key to successful paid search is knowing where your brand fits into the market and how it can stand out. We manage your campaigns as we would our own, researching competitors, targeting cost-effective keywords and producing hard-hitting ad copy that attracts clicks and achieves sales.

Our Service, Your Way

Across Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Advertising, we offer full service solutions tailored to your requirements. These services include:

  • Strategy Planning

    Who’s searching for your products? What words and phrases are they using? We’ll dig down into the data to devise a PPC campaign that converts clicks into customers.

  • Campaign Optimisation

    PPC is an on-going process. We’ll consistently work to organise and structure your campaigns to meet audience needs.

  • Ad Copy

    Good ad copy is at the heart of every successful PPC strategy. Our expert copywriters create and test copy, using key metrics to produce winning ads.

  • Bid Management

    To ensure maximum performance, we thoroughly tweak, test and analyse bids, capitalising on opportunities and delivering optimum cost effectiveness.

  • Targeting

    PPC success involves targeting people with an active interest in your products. By understanding your brand and audience, we’ll position ads in full view of potential customers.

  • Image Editing

    You need to know how your campaigns are performing and where your money is going. We’ll keep you fully in the loop with clear, jargon-free reports focussed on results.

Mobile Madhouse Case Study

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Step 1 The Brief

After having suffered unimpressive results with a previous paid marketing agency, Mobile Madhouse required help to improve Average Order Value (AOV) and increase sales through its website.

Step 2 Our Approach

Having looked over PPC results in depth, we immediately set about reorganising Mobile Madhouse’s campaign structure, opting for a highly targeted approach to PPC to deliver a sustained return on investment (ROI) through Google AdWords.

To increase sales across the site we also introduced Google Shopping campaigns, Dynamic Retargeting and Display Network. Advertising across these channels ensured complete paid search coverage.

Step 3 The Results

In a matter of months, Mobile Madhouse benefitted from a 500% increase in ROI. With correctly optimised campaigns, paid search is now a profitable revenue stream, out performing sales from organic search, email and social.