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Packaging Design

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Packaging Design

Product packaging is as important as the product itself. Packaging conveys your message and establishes your brand to the consumer. Regardless of product or sector, PJA’s design and manufacturing teams can deliver a solution to meet your needs, promoting your product as a market leader.

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Packaging That Sells

Great packaging draws in people as they browse, capturing attention and communicating – through benefits and features – why someone should purchase the product. In constructing packaging for your brand, we explore colour palettes, logo positioning, hard-hitting copywriting and clear information, tinkering and testing until you have a design you’re happy with.

Building Brand Awareness

With several international brands in the PJA portfolio, we know how to design packaging for increased brand awareness. Working closely with you, from initial design concept through to printed packaging, we’ll deliver a service that ensures shelf impact and cements your brand in the mind of the consumer.

How We Can Help

Our packaging design service is set up to give your product the best chance of success in any market. Our team uses industry leading design technology, printers and manufacturers to meet your requirements in all of the following areas:

  • Product Packaging

    Who’s searching for your products? What words and phrases are they using? We’ll dig down into the data to devise a PPC campaign that converts clicks into customers.

  • Point of Sale

    We’ll help give your brand maximum exposure with custom designed POS displays according to your stock requirements.

  • Logo Design

    From start-ups to established brands, our logo designers can create a powerful company logo that transcends your niche.

Caseflex Case Study

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Step 1 The Brief

Tech accessory brand Caseflex was looking to rebrand its packaging to better reflect the quality of its products. Packaging was required to help establish the brand as a more premium solution for consumers. As part of the rebranding and new packaging launch, Caseflex also required a new logo in keeping with its high-end feel.

Step 2 Our Approach

The process began with extensive market research to gain a definitive insight into what consumers expect from premium tech accessories. The information gleaned from surveying members of the public on their opinions and thoughts on competitor brands proved crucial in the final packaging design.

Brainstorming sessions were then conducted over a few days to gather ideas for possible logo designs. Multiple packaging draft designs were also submitted and discussed, before settling on a minimalist approach across all packaging. In keeping with modern trends, the utilisation of white space was decided upon to place emphasis on the product, Caseflex logo and informational text. This same minimalist philosophy was adopted in the design of the new logo, keeping everything simple and memorable.

Step 3 The Results

The new Caseflex packaging has proven to be successful with consumers and third-party retailers.

The heavy use of white helps to focus attention on the product, which was made clearly visible through transparent film on the front of all packaging. The biggest selling point of Caseflex products are the products themselves. With that in mind, a small window was added to packaging so that consumers could see and feel the premium quality. The sense of touch is an important part of the buying process and this small feature helps to influence consumers.

The colour silver was chosen as the single font colour across all packaging for two reasons: its appearance upon a white background, and its instant association with luxury.

One the back of this positive packaging rebrand, our design team was enlisted to design a point of sale stand to house Caseflex products and promote additional brands in the same minimalist fashion. This too has proven to be successful. The new branding has also been used across the Caseflex website.