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Our eye for consumer trends and knowledge of what people want to see when purchasing allows us to market wide ranging products across multiple channels. Through our marketing services, we’re making our expertise available to you.

Professional Photography

High-quality images are essential when selling products online. With a proven track record of delivering packshot and lifestyle images across several brands and marketplaces, PJA has the expertise required to shoot your items in their best light, enhancing sales and establishing brand legitimacy.

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Packaging Design

Product packaging is as important as the product itself. Packaging conveys your message and establishes your brand to the consumer. Regardless of product or sector, PJA’s design and manufacturing teams can deliver a solution to meet your needs, promoting your product as a market leader. Contact Nicki - for more information.

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Video Production

Video dominates the internet. By 2020, 82% of consumer internet traffic will be video. Our industry leading video production team allow you to reap the rewards of visual content, sharing your story with the people that matter.

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No other form of content is as powerful as the written word. Words establish brands and sell products. With a team of highly experienced copywriting professionals in-house, we work with you to produce persuasive copy that gets results.

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Pay Per Click

Our Pay-Per Click (PPC) management services put your brand front and centre, cementing your business in the mind of consumers. Backed by industry knowledge and a proven track record of successful campaigns for popular brands, our tailored strategies give you the best possible chance of success – driving targeted traffic to your website with maximum return on investment.

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