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Huawei P10 Glass Screen Protector - Clear

SKU : HU-AW03-Z501 New
<ul><li>Designed For Huawei P10  - 0.3mm Tempered Glass Screen Protector designed especially to fit the Huawei P10 </li><li>9H Hardness Rating - ALL  tempered glass screen protectors use anti-scratch, shatter-proof glass to protect against scratches and drops</li><li>NO Finger Prints Or Smudges - Revolutionary oleophobic coating to provide long lasting barrier against dirt and marks</li><li>ZERO Interference - Offering HIGH response time, full transparency & compatibility with 3D touch and multi-touch</li><li>Package contains: x Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, x Microfibre Cloths, x Alcoholic Preparation Pads, x Dust Absorbing Film and 2x Guide Stickers</li></ul>
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